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UltraLinx is an online technology and design blog that is visited by millions of people every year. It aims to share and inspire all those that visit.

We wanted the UltraLinx logo to be a text based logo more than anything. One of the main decisions behind this was that when someone sees the logo they’ll also see the brand name. This was very important when it came to using the logo across social media where an icon or illustration would not get the name across.

Liquid Layout

Most content sites have a rigid grid structure, we wanted to move away from that. We wanted a grid layout which was adaptive and constantly changing, making it liquid.

We wanted to be able to highlight certain content on the fly so we came up with a system where we can change the size of the article card on the homepage with a simple drop down menu located in the content editor. Articles can be made to cover the whole width of the content grid and this is a fantastic way to feature an important article.


The final design incorporates the liquid layout we planned to give a much more magazine-like look. It works perfectly at highlighting certain posts and looks fantastic with photography. We also brought over the full width dark header which was used in the previous design and has become a signature style of the site.

We did away with the traditional pagination and implemented an infinite scroll method where more content can be loaded at the click of a button. This has worked incredibly well with readers browsing 200% more articles.

Article Page

The article page has some unique design elements that you wouldn’t see on a traditional blog or web magazine. Images can be made to break out of their container to fill the width of the browser window. It puts the images at the forefront and gives a much more visual experience.

We also implemented a related articles section at the bottom of every article which takes the infinite scroll method shown on the homepage. This has also worked incredibly well reducing bounce rate by 20%.

Mobile Views

With mobile web traffic on the rise it was essential that we had a mobile adapted site. UltraLinx was designed with mobile in mind. The liquid layout allows us to rearrange the articles in to a single column which is perfect when viewing the homepage on a small screen.

Due to the minimalist design, coding language and various other optimisation techniques used, the site loads incredibly fast on mobile devices.

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