Linx Supply

Contemporary e-commerce site that sells trending products.

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  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Branding
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  • Product Design

Linx Supply is an e-commerce store that is owned by the UltraLinx Network. It was created to sell various products related to currently trending topics and themes.

Linx Supply is a very new brand so it was essential that we went with something simple and contemporary. We wanted to create a versatile logo that was also very legible. It was essential that those who see the logo see the name too so we went with a text logo. Some of the most classic logos are text based and we wanted Linx Supply to be the same as it goes through time.

Font Family

Our chosen font family for this project is Roboto. It’s a fantastic font that is immensely versatile. We wanted a font that looks smart and is great at all different sizes.

Shopping on mobile is higher than it is on desktop so it was essential we chose a font that looked good on mobile, Roboto is perfect for that.


Most commerce sites feature tons of sections, widgets and pop ups that can be distracting and overwhelming for a customer. Our priority was to go with a simple design that showed each product clearly and the price.

We went with a simple featured banner slider and a four-column grid layout. All product shots are minimalistic, clearly showing the product on sale.

We also did away with traditional pagination and implemented an infinite scroll method. It makes it much quicker for the customer to browse more products.

Product Page

Mobile Views

With mobile shopping on the rise it was important that Linx Supply was responsive to fit many different screen sizes.

The site was designed with mobile and tablet in mind, making it fully optimised for smaller screen sizes. All images and text have been adapted to fit.

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